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Yacht Management

Yacht Management

At our yacht management branch, our dedicated team of professionals collaborates closely with yacht owners and captains to deliver tailored services for each yacht. We understand that effective communication is vital, and we adapt our frequency and level of engagement based on the preferences of the owners and captains. Yacht management encompasses more than just overseeing the yacht; it also involves ensuring safety, security, accounting, crew management, refits, and operations.

Charter Management

Our charter managers or brokers take on the responsibility of marketing yachts to the charter market. They handle the entire charter booking process on behalf of the owner, aiming to maximize income and offset operational costs. Managing a yacht for charter goes beyond bookings; our team ensures that charter contracts, VAT calculations, and the yacht's commercial and charter licenses are up to date and accurate for the charter itinerary.

As the intermediary between charter guests and the yacht crew, our charter brokers prioritize fulfilling every request to the best of the crew's abilities.

Yacht Purchase

When it comes to buying a yacht, our yacht brokers meticulously consider your specific requirements. They will source a shortlist of options to find the perfect yacht that fits your budget. They possess the technical knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the market, enabling them to secure the best deal for you.

Once you've identified your ideal yacht, our broker will guide you through the whole procurement process, each step of the way. We take care of arranging all necessary required pre-purchase surveys, these helps identify any major or minor maintenance issues, allowing you to negotiate the yacht's price. After which we will assist in all the contractual and registration administration, to ensure a smooth start of your yachting journey.